Модернизация владивостокского туннеля стала проектом года

По решению жюри мировой тоннельной ассоциации.

For the first time in Russia, Mosmetrostroy developed a project and applied the technology of modernization of a railway tunnel, built 82 years ago, where one facility was adapted to specific working conditions and applied various modern world achievements and innovations in the field of transport infrastructure facilities.
The following modern technologies were successfully implemented in the project:
various methods and compositions were used for injection into both the back-lining space and the body of the old lining;
waterproofing the joints of the old lining with the use of water-swelling rubber;
sprayed waterproofing of the entire tunnel with two-side adhesion;
the cracks of the old lining are filled with special compounds;
an additional inner layer of permanent lining of sprayed concrete was constructed using polymer and metal fiber;
chemical anchors connecting all layers of the lining and soil mass construction are applied;
a special project for the organization of construction was developed, which made it possible to implement a “window” contract without stopping the movement of trains and to ensure all safety requirements for the movement of trains and the labor protection of builders during work.
The applied technical solutions made it possible to obtain a fundamentally new multi-layer lining of the tunnel with high technical and operational characteristics, in which all layers are included in the construction.
The task was successfully implemented with a significant reduction in terms (by 1.5 years) and the cost of work (2 times) relative to the initial project, according to which it was planned to carry out reconstruction of the tunnel with a complete tunnel closure for train traffic for the period of work with the construction of the bypass railway section through the city center.

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